The Qur’ān emphatically declares, “…but perhaps you dislike something and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah knows and you know not.”  As the election results were broadcast on November 9th there was a pervasive sense of concern and foreboding in Muslim communities throughout America.  Donald Trump ran a campaign that was blatantly nativist and xenophobic with strong anti-Muslim undertones and won! A spike in hate crimes, virulent Islamophobic rhetoric, and the general unease we feel within the greater community are some of the immediate disadvantages we sense. The positive, however, is that this moment seems to have awakened the Muslim religious imagination; the creative impulse that enables one to see lived reality through the lens of scripture and sacred history (Sīrah).

The relevance of the Prophetic biography has stood the test of time because Muslims throughout history—in nearly every socio-economic/political context imaginable—have mined its rich sources for inspiration. Muslims in need of allies within the greater community in order to live in relative security—there is precedent in the Sīrah. An oppositional leader that tried to alienate Muslims on the basis their supposed non-compliance with socio-cultural norms—there is precedent in the Sīrah. A fledgling minority Muslim community that must move beyond narrow tribal identity and practice new forms of community and collective identity to preserve its integrity among a hostile majority—there is precedent in the Sīrah. This MLK weekend we invite you to join us for a conversation in pursuit of clarity.


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Friday, January 13th: 8pm -10pm (Registration starts at 7pm)

Saturday, January 14th:9am – 7pm (Registration starts at 8am)

Sunday, January 15th: 9am – 4pm

(MLK Holiday Weekend (Monday is a Federal Holiday).



$225 per adult
$200 per student

We accept applicants ages 16 and above.  There are only 50 seats available so apply today!


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