On behalf of the board of trustees, we would like to welcome Jose Acevedo to the ALIM Team.  Jose has joined us as Operations Executive and he will be working closely with the leadership and management at ALIM to oversee programming and execution of our strategic plan. Jose comes with tremendous experience, background and dedication in the field of Islamic educational institutions and we pray that this partnership will be beneficial for all of us.

ALIM Board of Trustees

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A Message from our New Operations Executive

Alhamdulillah, I must thank Allah for the opportunity and privilege to serve as ALIM’s new Operations Executive.  The responsibility is substantial; however, with the leadership of the board, the guidance of the scholars, and your support, we will take ALIM to the next level.

We all know the importance of what ALIM brings to the American Muslim community.  As the new Operations Executive of ALIM, I’m excited to offer my knowledge and experience in executing ALIM’s strategic plan; ensuring our ability to facilitate dialogue between the textual and historical traditions of Islam and the sociopolitical, cultural and intellectual realities informing the lives of American Muslims for the foreseeable future.

Work with me!  

Do you have ideas for ALIM?  Suggestions?  Feedback?  I would like to open channels of communication so we can continue to grow and provide you with the best programming possible.

What are your strengths and talents?  Tell me how you would like to offer your expertise in areas such as: ALIMni engagement, finance and marketing, graphic and web design, digital communications, and project management.

Contact me today at  Your dua’s, resources, efforts, and ideas are vital to the future of Islam in America.  I look forward to hearing from you.

José Acevedo